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About Fortec BV

About Fortec BV

Fortec BV is one of the largest independent operators of tank terminals for oils, chemicals and gases worldwide. The company owns and operates many terminals in different countries with a total storage capacity of 15 million cbm.

Our clients include private and state oil companies, refiners, petrochemical companies, and traders in petroleum products and chemicals. Fortec BV is involved in terminal management and fuel supply. We currently manage and operate a fuel terminal in Europe. We also have managed a bulk fuel terminal for another independent client.

We expand our services for our numerous clients, storage of gaseous and hazardous chemicals, transportation, terminal handling services, like heating, blending, temperature control, mixing using ultra-modern automation system our various terminals including Port of Rotterdam, Antwerp port, Houston and other European port which logistical capabilities.

Oil storage facility is a complex of constructions and devices for reception, storage, overload from one type of transport on another and issue of oil and petroleum products. Fortec BV has built state of the art greenfield terminals, and acquired and transformed existing businesses.

You can be confident that our strategic alliances around the globe give you the flexibility to choose from a range of air and Ocean freight service options Our Ocean freight forwarding products facilitate the global relationships of more than 400,000 customers, across 130 countries. With our rail freight solution, you can transport both your raw materials and finish products via conventional or combined transport Combining the latest logistics technology with high-quality service, and the ability to offer customized solutions, Fortec BV services are ideal for customers seeking to grow their businesses.

Depending on the total capacity of the tanks and containers for the storage of oil and petroleum products, oil storage facilities are divided into three categories:
  • I - more than 100 000 m3,
  • II - from 20 000 to 100 000 m,
  • III - up to 20 000 m3.

As a rule, oil storage facility is a tanks that is located on the ground and/or underground, as well as a platform for receiving/shipping of stored products on trucks (railway tanks , tank trucks, tankers) or in the pipeline

Fortec BV partners closely with major railway services, both government agencies and privately owned for the transportation of various substance to the terminals.









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We are always working to achieving our ambitious goal of a world where the trade of petroleum and petrochemical products can be a true tool of opportunity and inclusion for all.With Tank Storage Facilities in Netherlands and Rotterdam regions we can handle hazardous products such as Diesel Fuel, Crude Oil and other petroleum, petrochemical and lubricant products


Our company is equipped with a modern laboratory to provide adequate testing of the petroleum/petrochemical products, ensuring that the quality of the received petroleum/petrochemical products are of international standard. Fortec BV Terminal strategy comes at an opportune time with the establishment of our goals for sustainable development in accordance to the Climate Summit in Rotterdam.

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