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Houston Terminal

Fortec BV Houston Terminal

Our Petroleum Tank Farm in Houston consists of twenty five (25) major above ground storage tanks which are surrounded by a reinforced concrete containment wall that exceeds the states requirements containment. This ensures the protection and safety of handling commodities of this nature. No.6, No.4 and No.2 Diesel Oil, Aviation Kerosene and Liquid asphalt allow us to offer our customers a varied product base.

Our tank farm also offers a fuel depot station consisting of a scale house/operations center, fifteen (15) station commercial truck "loading rack" and a truck weigh station permitting tank trucks to be loaded and dispatched in a highly efficient, economical and timely manner.


  • Liquid Asphalt
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Aviation Kerosene (Aviation Turbine A-1 & Colonial Grade 54 "JP54")
  • No. 6 Diesel Oil
  • No. 4 Diesel Oil
  • No. 2 Diesel Oil
  • Bio Fuel

Houston Specifications

Capacity : 1,513,930 cbm
  • Tanks : 200
  • Tank types : Coated Steel, Mild steel
  • Tank size : From 157 to 13,625 cbm
  • Access : Barge, Pipeline, Rail, Truck, Vessel
  • Draught : 14.621 meter
  • Berths for barges : 10
  • Berths for vessels : 6
  • Products : Biofuels, Chemicals, Petroleum products, Base oils and lubricants
  • Services : Nitrogen blanketing, Ship purging and blanketing, 24 hour tank car switching, Blending, Circulation, Marine lightering capabilities
  • Terminal type : Import/Export/Distribution
  • Ownership : 100.00%