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NEWS 16 December 2019

3rd CO₂ Value Day in Rotterdam

On November 5th, close to one hundred members and invited guests joined in Rotterdam for the annual meeting of CO₂ Value Europe. This association is exclusively dedicated to Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) and committed to coordinate and represent the CO₂ Utilisation community in Europe.

Being a front runner in the field of CCU Port of Rotterdam was proud to host this 3rd edition. Several speakers from the Port of Rotterdam Authority presented the Port’s vision for its sustainable transition, including the PORTHOS (Port of Rotterdam CO₂ Transport Hub and Offshore Storage) project in which CO₂ generated by industry in the Port’s area will be captured and stored in empty gas fields in the North Sea. This was followed by a presentation about a pilot project on sustainable aviation fuel at Rotterdam-The Hague airport.

Priorities 2020

The day started with a report from CO₂ Value Europe’s Board, on the association’s achievements in 2019 and priorities for 2020, presented by Stefanie Kesting, President and Damien Dallemagne, Secretary General. Anastasios Perimenis, the new CCU Officer of CO₂ Value Europe, presented an overview of information available within the association on CO₂ capture and conversion technologies.

E-fuels and photo conversion

In the afternoon, three interactive workshops took place in parallel, during which participants discussed quality standards for captured CO₂, priorities for action on EU policy instruments to promote e-fuels, and the SUN-ERGY technology roadmap for Power-to-X catalytic conversion and CO₂ photoconversion. The day closed with the General Assembly of CO₂ Value Europe.

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