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Fortec BV represent quality, transparency, know-why and know-how. We excel at simplifying logistical processes for air and ocean cargo, transshipment, distribution, warehousing, and our value-added services in particular. You will always have one contact person for all services. People who are passionate about what they do. That personal touch is the added value in which we believe and which we cherish.

Fortec BV stands for a customer-focused approach. Our primary goals are providing service and quality. We provide customized services, not just to our customers, but also to their partners and suppliers.

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Fortec BV a Tank Farm to meet you storage and logistic services

Welcome message !

On behalf of Fortec BV shareholders and team I am very honored to welcome you to our website. Through our well-coordinated cooperation in the challenging economic situation in the past year, the terminal turnover went up to over 9,2 million tons, which is 15% more compared to 2018. I am pleased to emphasize that our Terminal has once again proved itself a reliable and stable logistic center in Europe and other parts of the world. Since 2004 our shareholders have invested the equivalent to over 350 million USD in development of our Terminal,which is a good example to show how our facilities has been transformed into an advanced manufacturing unit, that serves the most strategically important industries of modern Countries and generates stable tax flow With Us you product is safe!. Michiel Wiezer, chairman of the board, FORTEC BV.

Welcome to FORTEC BV

an independent, international storage and terminal logistic company providing services in Rotterdam ports, Antwerp port and Port of Houston.

Choosing Fortec BV means no translocating after a ship-to-ship transhipment to get the nitrogen service you need. No extra costs for stores delivery over water, because your vessel can be serviced from land. No losing time by moving from one quay to the other.We have modern bunker fuel terminal in the Botlek area in the Port of Rotterdam.

In addition to tank storage, Fortec BV delivers an extensive range of services. You can come to us 24/7 for:

  • lay-by berthing
  • ship-to-ship transshipments
  • nitrogen services: purging and blanketing
  • steam supply
  • partnership services
  • Other logistic services

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